Soaring Safely Together

Safety is the bedrock of aviation. Our aviation eco-system comprises a wide array of companies and personnel, and everyone plays a part in keeping aviation safe.  

Proactive and consistent safety promotion is integral to reinforcing a strong safety mindset and positive safety culture among our diverse industry, so that we can collectively uphold the highest safety standards and continue soaring safely together. 

Find out more about the range of safety promotion channels that we leverage on to engage our stakeholders, share good safety practices, encourage compliance, and catalyse dialogue and collaboration:

Aviation Safety Forum (ASF)

The Forum is CAAS’ key annual platform that brings the Singapore aviation community together to discuss and address key issues in aviation safety. Find out more here.

CAAS Safety Series (CSS)

Comprising a mix of talks, workshops and seminars, this monthly series keeps our aviation industry updated on developments in safety policies and regulations, and addresses any impact of new initiatives or changes on the industry.

The Leading Edge (TLE)

The Leading Edge (TLE) is a CAAS publication that shares developments in aviation safety and thought pieces from subject matter experts regularly with our stakeholders in the Singapore aviation industry. 

View the various TLE articles here.

To subscribe to TLE, register here.

Regular Meetings and Dialogue Sessions

These sessions with our stakeholders help to facilitate the exchange of ideas and discussions on aviation safety issues.

Publicity Campaigns

CAAS regularly embarks on safety campaigns to educate and strengthen safety mindset among the aviation industry and travelling public. Find out more here:

1. Travelling Soon? Pack It Right For Your Flight!
2. Cabin Safety: Make Safety Your Priority
3. Spot A Safety Hazard? Tell Sarah Now!

CAAS Social Media

CAAS also leverages on social media platforms to keep our stakeholders up-to-date on the latest happenings and developments in Singapore aviation and aviation safety. Visit our social media channels here:

1. CAAS LinkedIn
2. CAAS Facebook
3. CAAS Twitter
4. CAAS YouTube

24x7 Online Resources

The CAAS website serves as an online depository of various legislative and regulatory requirements, available anytime, anywhere for our stakeholders to reference in the interest of aviation safety. Refer to the relevant links below for more information:

1. Legislation & Regulations 
2. Operations & Safety 
3. Personnel Licensing
4. FAQs