Fostering a Strong Safety Culture

At CAAS, we actively promote a positive safety culture, share good safety practices and encourage compliance by the aviation industry - through a series of activities to spur dialogue and collaboration among the aviation community and the public.

Some examples include:

  • Aviation Safety Forum (ASF): A key platform for CAAS, it informs and engages the aviation community on developments in safety policy and regulations, as well as gathers fresh ideas from the aviation industry.


  • CAAS Safety Series: Comprising of a mix of talks, workshops and seminars, this series keeps our aviation industry updated on developments in safety policies and regulations as well as addresses any impact of new programmes/changes on the industry.


  • The Leading Edge: An aviation safety publication that shares international developments in aviation safety as well as the latest news and developments with the Singapore aviation sector.


  • Regular Meetings and Dialogue Sessions: These sessions with regulated entities help to facilitate exchange of ideas and discussion on aviation safety issues.

Last Updated on 15 May 2022