The Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) System is a portal that allows pilots, airline operators and other Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) users to access the latest flight information as well as submit e-flight plans.

All first time users are required to register by clicking on the “First Time User” link on the AIM portal.
Estimated time of completion: 3 mins

Users of the AIM System can:

  1. Retrieve e-NOTAM in the form of Pre-Flight Information bulletin (PIB).
    The PIB contains a recapitulation of all current NOTAMs affecting the flight on the day of operation based on:

    - Aerodrome
    - Area (FIR)
    - Flight Plan
    - NOTAM number

  2. File and submit e-Flight Plan (FPL)
    The FPL contains information such as aircraft identification, departure / destination aerodromes, cruising speeds / levels and routes to be flown, etc.
    Estimated time of completion: 10 mins