This section contains Aircraft Maintenance Licensing (AML) related e-Services and forms.

Form Name Form No.
SAR-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licensing Information Booklet (PDF, 3.70 MB) CAAS SPL(AME)02
Application for Licence / Renewal of Licence
Application for SAR-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence (PDF, 90 KB) CAAS AME02
Personnel Resume for SAR-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence Application (PDF, 61 KB) CAAS AME06
SAR-66 Licence Renewal Form (PDF, 146 KB) CAAS AME03
Update of Personal Particulars (PDF, 168 KB) CAAS AME01
Application for Replacement of AML and/or AROA (PDF, 160 KB) CAAS AME20
Application for Aircraft Radio Operator Approval
Application for Aircraft Radio Operator Approval (PDF, 155 KB ) CAAS AME16
AML Examination
Application for SAR-66 Examination
Application for Workshop Certifying Staff Examination CAAS SPL(AME)10
Application for SAR-7 Exams for Aerospace Engineering Polytechnic Graduates (PDF, 37 KB) CAAS (AME)19

Last Updated on 24 April 2019